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Enterprise Culture

                   Targetever’s Dream:To be the pacemaker of smart game products!

                   Targetever’s Mission:To realize Targetever member’s dream!

                   To create clients’values!

                   To strive for leading smart gaming products into every family! 

                   Targetever’s Style:Integrity Innovate collaboration quickly ,Never excuse!

                   Targetever’s Culture:Army+School+Family

                                              Army:Yes ! Ensure to complete the task!

                                          School:Learning makes competition more easily!

                                          Family:Your concerns is mine!

                 Targetever’s management:Management is serious love,target and result oriented.

                 Targetever’s emotion:Administration no mercy but human’s love!

                 Targetever’s team:Be ready to assemble at the first call and be capable of fighting and winning;

                                                  be able to come at the first call, fight as soon as you come, and win when you fight.